The Larder Chaweng


is one of the most down to earth eateries that you will find around Chaweng area of Samui. It is the new kid on the block that has paid attention to the basics without any frills. It has just one ambition – to serve fine dining that is also rustic. The eatery has made it a point to go the traditional way to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Doing away with fancy décor and eye catching presentations, the founder duo chef Martin Selby and Beverage and Food aficionado Damian Ahern have stuck to the philosophy of reaching out for the hearts through the stomach. The quality of food is not only superb but it is consistent too.

The restaurant celebrated its fourth birthday in December 2016 and is best defined as a restaurant and bar that is amply coined by the term Gastro Pub. It is a pub that can be a gastronome’s delight. The restaurant is capable of providing the best experience in Western dining with whole hearted concentration on food and drinks.

Food lovers will be spoilt with choice when glancing at the menu that has elaborate arrangements for delighting guests. Just think which way you would go if you are asked to choose between a meal comprising Serrano ham and rocket with eggs of quail (soft boiled), aged balsamic and glazed cauliflower and another made up of Duck breast with liver pate taken with a glass of wine supported by olive bread crisp and honey roast beet root.

To round up the food experience, never give a miss to the magic cocktails that are concocted with most unusual ingredients yet tastes splendid. Some cocktails are a heady mixture of solids and liquids that have enough potential to weave magic for those who want to get a little tipsy without tripping.

Price Range: $10- $40


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