The Farmer Restaurant & Bar


is a restaurant in a paddy field would be the best way to describe how much unusual the location is. The inspiration of the name is derived from the location and the rice that is reaped in the surroundings of the restaurant. This restaurant in a rural setting offers one of the most relaxed environments that you can think of and it is only one of its kind in Samui.

You gain the unique experience of dining amid the lap of nature as you see the evening set in from behind the hills. Seeing the buffalo lazily grazes on the fields as you savor your favorite dishes is a treat that you will never forget. It’s a life that you might have seen in films but now you get the opportunity to experience it. Make a choice between dining in the open air dining rooms or sit on the large terrace. You are blessed with uninterrupted peace that only such rural environment can provide.

In tune with the serene beauty of the place surrounded by greenery, the menu thrives on the nativity. Authentic and top quality Thai recipes that have percolated through generations are served here, maintaining its pristine purity and authenticity. The food quality is superb, to say the least, and covers almost the entire range of Thai foods. The special serving of fried duck that is served on a spotless white square platter is something that should not be missed. The recipes are balanced with slowly cooked spices that impart special flavors to food adding a bit of exclusivity to it.

Choose from five different rice for the main course that is served on banana leaf and it becomes an experience of a lifetime.

Price Range: $10- $40


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