Spirit House Thai Cooking Class


If you are hoping for a little more than just a Thai kitchen to cook in and want more of an overall Thai feel during your cooking class, then Spirit House may just be the place for you.

Set in a very inviting, unique and beautiful area that features a replica of a traditional Thai village like what you would find in the city of Ayudhya. The lush gardens, a complete ruined temple, a lovely pond and its overall ambiance will allow for you to not only take a journey into the past but also let you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life while being amidst a traditional Thai setting.

In addition to the site’s features, the cooking classes that the Spirit House offer range from Essential Thai, Seafood Indulgence, Best of Spirit House Summer, Fast & Fab Thai, Dude Food and Bangkok Dreaming, which all present a fun and exciting twist in its own way. The fact that Spirit House Thai Cooking Class offers its guests a wide variety of different types of classes depending on the day, allow for them to present something truly unique and memorable for all who choose to participate.

It’s safe to say that with the combination of a fantastic atmosphere, beautiful setting and wide variety of classes to choose from, Spirit House will leave you feeling accomplished and filled with fun memories that will last for many years to come.



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