Spices Café Samui


for many who have visited this restaurant in central Maenam, it is one of the best restaurants that serve authentic Thai food. It is just adjacent to Santiburi Beach Resort and you have to walk down just about 200 meters from the entrance of the resort towards Nathon to reach it. The place is liked by locals as well as tourists due to its spread of flowing cocktails, wines and beer along with the food that is truly unmatched. The restaurant has a boutique style ambience and houses only seven tables, but is still considered as a perfect place for having dinner.

Although it is located on a noisy road, once you are inside, it is a different world altogether. Simple wooden furniture makes comfortable sitting and booking a table will ensure that you do not have to spend anxious moments of waiting with uncertainty. The color scheme of the décor is a mix of black and green and the place comes to life in the evening when guests immerse in culinary experimentation with Thai cuisines. The cuisines are chosen from all regions of the country and include some dishes that are famous throughout. However, European dishes are also selectively offered. Although the place is reputed for Thai foods and the add-ons are offered to attract wider section of customers.

The café belongs to a lady Khun Jeab, who has made it big over the past five years. What started as an individual venture has developed into big business and it is a hidden gem to many guests who have enjoyed the hospitality of the lady who heads it.

Beef with oyster sauce and or yellow curry and roasted duck are the most popular traditional local dishes. From pan fried salmon to tenderloin steak and from pizzas, burgers and pasta, a range of European foods is also available.

Price Range: $3- $15


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