Smiley Cooks


Ran and operated by a lovely couple, Bung and Tony whose true passion for the Thai culture and for cooking are evident within the first meeting of the course.

Bung is a Thai native with years of experience cooking while Tony is from France and has been living in Thailand for over 7 years. Bung is the head chef and will be teaching you everything you need to know in order to make a tasty and delicious Thai meal while Tony helps to assist in the activities and procedures throughout the entire class.

The class begins by heading to the local market where you will be guided through the various vendor stalls, stopping at each needed one and learning about the gathered ingredients as you go along. Once back at the Smiley Cooks, the fun of creating your own Thai dish begins! The class lasts for a total of 2 hours where you will get the chance to choose four dishes from a long list of available menu items, learn how to cook each one and then of course enjoy your creations immediately after!

This Thai cooking class is exactly what the name suggests; a friendly, laidback, yet very informative chance to get you in the kitchen and learning how you can continue enjoying fabulous Thai cuisine even after you have left beautiful Thailand.




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