Rock Pool


is a restaurant located in Kanda Residences Samui which offers maximum enjoyment of dining in the environment above the rocks. Without any exaggeration, one can say that at the Rock Pool restaurant the view is something truly worthy of attracting attention. As they say, a picture says more than a thousand words, in this place guests can really see that for themselves. Right next to the table and beautiful dishes is the view that spills all over the Ocean.

Open kitchen and friendly staff are additional elements that give full splendor to the Rock Pool restaurant. Everyone who wants to have dinner outside can sit on the terrace and enjoy the great food and the 360 ˚ of the magnificent view. Although it may seem great, the restaurant has only 34 seats so that secure extraordinary atmosphere and intimacy. To make your experience complete, you definitely have to order a seafood specialty or fresh Italian sausage. Caramelized Tasmanian salmon is certainly the most popular main dish, famously popular dessert Warm Valrhona Chocolate Soufflé matches perfectly with it.

Price Range: $40 – $100

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