Pepenero Koh Samui


a piece of Italy in the Gulf of Thailand. Located on the Ring Road in the Bangkok Hospital area of Chaweng, it is easily accessible from other places of the island. It’s a small place that has arrangement for sitting inside as well as on the outdoor terrace and prior booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

The restaurant offers homemade Italian foods that food lovers would relish. It provides a laid back atmosphere of relaxation and dining that makes you forget the rush of present day life. You can enjoy every bite while soaking in the tranquilizing music that cools the heart and refreshes the mind. It is the perfect ambiance to pamper your taste buds in selective Italian dishes that are served with grace and glamor.

The restaurant is owned by a couple who are ready to walk the extra mile to delight guests. The food is excellent no doubt but perhaps the homely atmosphere that the owner creates adds more value to your dining experience. Get ready for a personalized experience in Italian dining as the owner does not hesitate to interact with the guests and get close and personal with them to share a memorable experience with homemade delicacies. The freshness of cooking adds to the taste that might remind you of the motherly touch that makes homemade food so special for all.

Pasta recipes dominate the restaurant menu that also accommodates some of the regional recipes. The starters are truly Italian cheese and cold cuts, bruschettas and salads and Caprese topped with Italian Mozzarella that is simply splendid. No dining is complete unless you have desserts to mark its end and Peppenero has excellent homemade desserts on offer. Above all, do not miss out on the excellent wine that is also cheap.

Price Range: $10- $40


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