Dining on Koh Samui


Fairyland of Thailand has undiscovered charm and fantastic surprises for the first time visiting tourists on almost every corner and offers a unique travel experience like no other country in the world. As Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been colonized, this ancient nation is almost entirely maintained its unique and fascinating culture.

The uniqueness caused by the non-colonizing has left a mark on all spheres of social reality, therefore on the Thai cuisine, too. The food in this beautiful Asian country may be the reason enough for the travel and many have done so, only to taste some of the Thai specialties. On the other hand, the mystique and mystery of the food that has been prepared for centuries in Thailand can also be an obstacle for getting to know it, for many tourists especially those from the far Western countries.


Of course, there is a special option of the menu that includes western food for tourists. Naturally, that is not it. In Thailand, as well as in Samui, you may expect anything, from insects prepared in the streets to gala dinners in the luxury restaurants, and it will not leave you indifferent. Thai insects that you can buy on the street are prepared in a certain way, as a part of the Thai tradition, are for the true connoisseurs. Street vendors offer a wide variety of delicacies. Around noon, during the lunch break, you can find all kinds of roasted meat in different sauces. Thais are fans of spices, but since the country is a great tourist center, you can always ask for not so spicy food – “Mai ped” means “non spicy” and your wishes are fulfilled


In Thailand live and work some of the best chefs in the world. It is a fact that many tourists forget when they embark on an adventure to ‘the Land of Smiles’. Leslie Stronach, for example, said that what fascinates him most in Thai cuisine are street vendors who tirelessly for decades surprise and amuse tourists with wonderful meals prepared with a lot of passion and love. Gael Lardier said that the secret of Thai cuisine in the ingredients that are always fresh and in the organic vegetables. Diversity is what unites all, and we present 10 best restaurants on Samui, that you must visit.

Gin hâi a-ròi (Enjoy your meal)