Coast Beach Club & Bistro Chaweng


is one of the best dining places, specializing in seafood and western cuisine, in Samui. Conveniently located on the tropical Chaweng Beach in Thailand, this restaurant serves its guests with fresh oven-baked pizzas and refreshingly cool cocktails, prepared generously by friendly staff. If you are the indulgent traveler and like to pamper yourself with good food and wine, this is the perfect destination for you.

Good food comes with a price, but it will never disappoint your expectations! This maxim holds true here at The Coast Beach Club & Bistro. If you closely examine the menu, dishes, and their prices, you will find that they are designed for both travelers and natives. The ambiance of the restaurant is ideal for people who come from all corners of the globe to experience true beach culture. The backdrop of the sea and jazz music delight the senses. This makes dining out here a memorable experience for everyone who believes in living life to the fullest!

The notable feature of this popular restaurant is its open bar and grill. The aroma of fresh food and nature is amazing. If you love living life king-size, this is one spot you cannot afford to miss when you visit Samui.

The delicious dishes served here will exceed your expectations. The quality of the food gives you value for money. The quantity per dish is more than expected. The ingredients of the food are fresh and they are served to maintain excellent standards.

Coast Beach Club & Bistro appeals to guests that look for that “special” feel when they travel. The staff does not disappoint you at all and exhibit a radiant joy when it comes to serving you delicious meals or conjuring up an exquisite cocktail to pamper your taste buds with glee!

Price Range: $10- $40


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