Chez Francois


is a small restaurant in Bophut, Samui, named after the famous chef Francois Porte. The restaurant’s highlight is the fact that there is no menu but the visitors themselves can choose from some of the available ingredients that will be prepared into incredible high quality and tasty meals.

Chef Francois prepares specialties himself, and if you do not like the food, he will immediately make you new one. The dishes are very generous and consists of four courses. In addition to delicious food, time spent at Chez Francois is pleasant thanks to exceptionally kind and hospitable staff. The restaurant is located next to the Fisherman’s Village and the markets so all food brought to the kitchen is always fresh. If you decide to visit this fantastic restaurant you must be sure to book in advance. If guest are allergic or if  do not prefer some ingredients such as cheese, beef or something else, they are welcome to mention it when booking so the chef has this in mind while preparing meals.

Price Range: 50-100 USD


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