Chez Francois Samui


this small yet fascinating restaurant in Bophut can be quite deceiving in its looks but not in fame. The restaurant that has been featured in the list of Best Restaurants 2016 has a rather ordinary look from the outside with no signs of what surprise awaits you inside. Once you step in, you will be served with specialty food that will simply be the most delightful experience of your life.

The restaurant is the brain child of chef Francois Porte Garcia whose gracious presence is felt in every recipe that is served. The restaurant is truly exclusive in serving French food as it deviates from the traditional menu based serving. Customers are informed about the ingredients available on that day so that they can suggest a recipe to have a dish prepared according to their choice and fancy. They are even asked about foods that they would like to avoid so that it is not included in the recipe inadvertently. Such is the care and comfort that you can expect from the staff who are always ready to delight customers. Chef Francois makes it a point to discuss with customers about their choices.

The four-course meal comprising of starter, seafood specials, and main course of poultry followed by desserts is a specialty of the restaurant that has become a jewel in the crown of Samui. The freshness of food and the splendid recipe is just too enticing and each day there is new variety to surprise customers. The restaurant has carved a name of its own in creating a new standard of serving customized food that customers prefer.

Considering the small size of the restaurant bookings have to be made well in advance to ensure that you do not miss out on the date. Trying to gate crash can only leave you disappointed.

Price Range: $10 – $35


Chez Francois Koh Samui

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