Bar Baguette Fisherman’s Village


this place has a character of its own that makes it the most prominent destination for breakfast. Although lunch and dinner are also served, it would be more appropriate to highlight it for the breakfast. The central location of the café is a major attraction as it can be easily accessed from different directions that lead to The Wharf. Early mornings are crowded and it points to the popularity of the breakfast menu. From sandwiches, cakes, cookies and pastries to beverages like coffee, lattes, fruit juices and shakes, you can choose from a wide range of offerings. Muesli and eggs, avocado sandwiches and many more varieties enrich the menu.

The place is small and cozy and it is also light for the pocket. Guests can make a choice between sitting indoor or outdoor. Being a beach side café, the outdoor setting is very attractive as you can sip at the coffee while gazing at the sea, relaxing in an environment that can only make you calm and relaxed. The place is ideal for spending time whether you are alone or in a group. The food is so tasty that you will always feel that you have done with it in a hurry.

The ambiance of this establishment is very nice and the services of the friendly staff will make you feel comfortable. The place is also very attractive for passersby who might like to stop over for refreshment. It is evident from the crowd that stays for most of the time that the place has the elements that keep people coming back for more. This is an average place that has high popularity among tourists. The best thing about the place is that it has maintained the standard that it has set since the opening.

Price Range: $5 – $25



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