9Gems Lounge & Restaurant


is the restaurant you will absolutely fall in love with. The atmosphere of this venue makes you feel excited on the way to the restaurant. The interior is beautiful, and you can choose whether you wish to sit under the stars by the pool or in the classic restaurant, which is decorated with terrazzo floors and table tops in white marble.

The highlight of this restaurant is LED illumination that slowly changes shades. The design of the restaurant is contemporary and minimalistic that superbly complements the Thai art. Food is nothing less brilliant than a design, so that when you first taste the most popular appetizer Tandoori Chicken Salad with fruits and vegetables you realize the perfect fit of the Western and Eastern culture. Desserts are not any less tasty. It should be noted that all the desserts and various kinds of bread and pasta are homemade. If someone desires to enjoy the view of 360 ° from the roof top, it is necessary to reserve a table 24 hours in advance (there is only one table at the top of the restaurant).


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